Listening to place

Photo Marie Scatena
Audio Antonette Looby

Like language and music the sounds of a place shape our perceptions and feelings about it. Listening to the soundscapes of Croatia’s ecosystems and intangible cultural heritage you might hear

Karst caves echoing, Zvončari bells clanging, Griffon vultures cawing 

Bura winds roaring, Klapa singing, Waterfalls sloshing

Lamb peka cooking, Ča, Kaj, Što  

Sounds of Zadar’s sea organ/morske orgulje merge the built environment and nature. Created by Croatian architect Nikola Bašic it is an instrument people can sit on as the Adriatic and 35 pipes make haunting music.

Sound can be appreciated and interpreted as dimension of biodiversity. Ivo Vicic is an artist based in Rijeka who produces soundscapes from field recordings. His work preserves an acoustic heritage of Croatia’s biodiverse ecosystems. Like Bašic, Vicic’s work mediates relationships between the human and more than human world. Listen here for birdsong, mountain streams, the Adriatic seashore and other soundscapes by Ivo Vicic

Silence, too, is part of nature’s narrative although increasingly difficult to hear.  The theme of World Environment Day 2020 is ‘Celebrate BioDiversity. ’ This UN initiative was begun in 1972 to raise awareness about challenges to our earth. This year’s theme could be a tagline for the abundant endemic plants and animals living in Croatia’s alpine, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. An update about Croatia’s biodiversity can be found at Climate Change Post

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Curious about the ways place shapes experience. Grateful for people who share their time, hopes and dreams with me. Inspired by stories that bring light and love into the world.

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