Green Belts Shelter

A mature oak tree has from 100,000 to 250,000 leaves in any given year. During their lives leaves diligently convert sunlight into sugars, filter carbon and oxygenate air while sending  nutrients to branches and trunks down into the earth—which is then made cooler and stronger.  At the end of their lifespan they enrich and createContinue reading “Green Belts Shelter”

In Real Time

The internet is a place and a destination.  During coronavirus lockdowns, image-laden websites fed armchair travelers’ wanderlust.  With a few clicks potential travelers experienced interweb versions of  a places they weren’t able to visit in person. Many of us developed favorite travel sites authored by insider, outsider and in-between (digital nomad) bloggers who endorsed attractionsContinue reading “In Real Time”

Winter Sun

Croatia enjoys almost 300 days of sunshine each year.  During the summer months tourism thrives as people flock to idyllic beaches. Last year the coronavirus pandemic slowed tourism but photographer and journalist Darko Bandic’s August 2021 AP article tells another story.  Bandic quotes Dubrovnik (Croatia’s most popular destination) tour guide Josip Crnčević  “…it’s almost likeContinue reading “Winter Sun”

Hiking Changes Everything

Sometimes you get exactly what you need even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.  That is one of Nikola Horvat-Tesla’s core narratives. Nikola ‘Tesla’ is a long distance or thru-hiking veteran.  He creates films and videos telling stories that describe and advocate for thru-hiking in the US and Croatia. In his award-winning,Continue reading “Hiking Changes Everything”

A Song and A Prayer for Mothers

For the first half of the 20c Ivan Meštrović was a cultural force to be reckoned with. His sculptures are monumental–in scale, influence and number. Over the course of his 79 years Meštrović created 3000 sculptures. Many of these public art works are found in US and European cities and in galleries devoted to hisContinue reading “A Song and A Prayer for Mothers”

Ivan’s World

Dreamy, pastoral, surreal, fantastical, utopian. These describe the landscapes of artist Ivan Rabuzin.  He was born on March 27, 1921 in a village called Ključ near the town of Novi Marof in Varaždin County.  Today just under 15,000 residents live in Novi Marof where the Kulturni Centar Ivan Rabuzin is celebrating the hundredth anniversary ofContinue reading “Ivan’s World”

In Stribor’s Forest

Stribor’s Forest can be found in not one but in many places—dreamed, remembered, real.  It is the title of a Croatian fairytale (hrvatska bajka) interpreted countless times since Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić wrote it in 1916. She was born in 1874 to a distinguished Croatian family, home schooled and married at 19 in an arranged marriage. Stribor’sContinue reading “In Stribor’s Forest”