ljubavna priča

Many generations grew up playing under this tree, watching its changing colors and admiring its beauty in every season.



A 243 year old male ginkgo biloba tree called Adam lives in Daruvar at the entrance to the Castle of Count Janković. This tree is protected  as a natural and cultural heritage monument. It is the largest and oldest ginkgo in Croatia. Living near Adam is a smaller female ginkgo named Eve. Together Adam and Eve inspired the “Ginkgo in love” story that helped the tree earn second place in the 2020 European Tree of the Year contest. Online public voting determines contest winners.

Ginkgo biloba trees are considered living fossils because they are the last existing species of their biological group. The average ginkgo tree lives 1000 years, providing shade and shelter. Gingko’s leaves and bark produce a substance that resists fire. They can withstand harsh conditions, thriving in many different environments. Ginkgo trees are symbols of longevity, endurance–and in Daruvar–love.

Jonaš, 11 years old. ‘MY FIRST LOVE’


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Curious about the ways place shapes experience. Grateful for people who share their time, hopes and dreams with me. Inspired by stories that bring light and love into the world.

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